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Benefits of using thermostatic radiator valves

Nest Thermostat

Benefits of using thermostatic radiator valves If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your heating system or lower your energy bills, then thermostatic radiator valves or TRVs can be a great investment. Thermostatic radiator valves are easy to install and use and they let you control the temperature in individual rooms. Get in touch […]

Annual Boiler Service

Roost Guide Booking a Boiler Service annually is the best way forward… Your boiler works hard every day to bring together gas, electricity and water to heat up the water for washing and your central heating system. It heats up, cools down, pumps and makes sure your home is warm and comfortable. Knowing how hard […]

The Pros of Powerflushing your heating system…

Roost Guide The Pros of Powerflushing your heating system… What is powerflushing? A powerflush is a cleansing process that aims to remove any build up of sludge, rust or other debris from your central heating system. Why do I need to powerflush my heating system? Rust, dirt and debris from pipes turns into a mud […]

How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe on your boiler

Roost Guide How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe on your boiler… Condensing boilers create water when when they’re working effectively… They all have a specific pipe (usually white plastic and running from your boiler) which routes this condensed water to your drainage system. Ideally the pipe will run internally so it’s not exposed to […]

Thinking of getting your boiler replaced

Roost Guide Thinking of getting your boiler replaced? We know this sort of purchase isn’t one you make with your eyes closed, so we have put together a handy guide to getting a new boiler: Why might I need to consider new boiler installation? ● Your boiler is no longer efficient enough – Older systems […]

Gas Safety Week

Tareq’s Tips #gassafetyweek Going on Holiday? Don’t forget to switch off your water at the mains. We’re registered Gas Safe and are always keen to share information about how you can keep your homes safe (as well as warm and energy efficient!). With #gassafetyweek in mind, read Tareq’s top 5 tips on gas safety here: […]

Tips on gas safety

Roost Guide A little bit of boiler chat – and some tips on gas safety. Boilers are often unappreciated, but in reality they’re heating heroes… Your boiler may just look like a box, hanging around on your wall or lurking, hidden away in a cupboard, but have you ever taken a moment to appreciate what […]

Tent safety and carbon monoxide

Tent safety and carbon monoxide

Roost Guide A note about tent safety and carbon monoxide… With the camping and festival season in full swing, this seems a good moment to mention tent safety. Carbon monoxide doesn’t just leak from boilers and gas appliances – it’s also produced by gas and charcoal barbecues which means tents and BBQs just don’t mix. It […]

Gas Safety

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms

Roost Guide Get up to speed with Gas Safety… Gas Safety can be easily overlooked and Carbon Monoxide can be dangerous.  It’s important to take responsibility for your Gas Safety so you can rest assured that you’re not at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or tenant, making sure you have […]

Guide to Underfloor Heating

Guide to underfloor heating

Roost Guide Wondering about Underfloor Heating? Read our guide… Underfloor heating is well worth considering if you’re planning a new kitchen or bathroom, you’ve just moved into a new house, your current heating system is below par or you’re feeling thoroughly fed up of cold toes in the morning.  As a home heating solution, Underfloor […]