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Boiler Servicing Hampshire

Gas Boiler Servicing & Repair

Prolong the life of your heating system with an annual boiler service.

Here’s a list of what’s included in our standard gas boiler service.

  • Any spare parts required to undertake the boiler service or additional labour if required
  • Repairs to your boiler or heating system
  • Removing sludge or scale, or damage caused by sludge or scale.
  • Full system cleanse

We can also carry out boiler repairs and full heating system servicing and power flushing.

Book your gas boiler service today!

Just provide us with a little bit of information and we’ll be in touch and ready to get you booked in and your boiler running efficiently and safely. 

Why book a Boiler Service?

Reduce your energy use & your bills:

We'll keep your appliances working efficiently

Avoid costly repairs & breakdowns:

We'll fix problems at an early stage

Rest assured that your boiler is safe:

We'll check for, and resolve CO leaks

Annual boiler servicing with Roost Heating

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At Roost, we firmly believe that heating system maintenance and boiler servicing should be a one of your home maintenance priorities. Ensuring your heating and plumbing is maintained can prolong the life of your heating system and improve efficiency, therefore potentially saving you money on your household energy bills.  It also reduces the chance of an inconvenient boiler breakdown. We recommend a boiler service every year (which your boiler manufacturer may also require as part of your boiler’s warranty).

ROOST makes it easy...

Boiler Servicing Trained

#1. We’re boiler servicing experts

Our engineers are trained on all boiler makes and models

Boiler Servicing Worcester Bosch

#2. We’ll service your boiler in no time

We’re methodical, efficient and always leave things tidy

#3. We make it official and keep in touch

We’ll email your service certificate - and remind you next year

If you need a Gas Safety or Landlord Certificate, we can help you out with that too.

All landlords are legally required to have appliances checked for safety at least once a year. Roost Heating can carry out appropriate checks to ensure that your appliances are safe. We can service the appliance and will issue the landlord certificate by email.

Why not contact us for a free Power Flush estimate?

Powerflushing your heating system cleans out the water and debris that gathers over time and creates sludge in your radiators and pipes. A build up of sludge can result in inefficient heating and cold radiators as your boiler struggles against the reduced flow through the heating system. In addition to annual Boiler Services, a Powerflush can help keep your heating system running perfectly and will avoid issues from long term build-up.

The Roost team can efficiently and tidily carry out a Powerflush for you in a matter of hours. It’s not a costly process but can be hugely beneficial. Find out more HERE.

Power flush of heating system