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Tareq's Tips #7

Get your home ready for winter...

Get your home ready for winter

If the recent drop in temperature has been a bit of a shock and your heating system seems to be struggling too, then here are some simple things that could help you stay warm all winter:

Review the current situation

When life’s busy it’s easy to overlook the everyday stuff. We often just switch on our heating in the autumn and leave it to do its thing, but taking a moment or two to check your boiler and heating system is running at its best can help keep your bills down and avoid any major faults further down the line.

Take a look at your boiler and check your radiators

There are some clear indicators of a boiler not behaving itself, like strange clunks or clicks, the pilot flame burning yellow or your carbon monoxide monitor going off all the time. Similarly if your radiators are not warming up much (or not at all) and your hot water isn’t hot enough then there’s definitely something wrong. Then all you need to get these problems sorted is a visit from the Roost Heating Team.

Arrange a boiler service

A quick and efficient way to get your heating system back in action is with a boiler service. At Roost Heating we’re competitively priced, Gas Safe and all carry professional ID cards as well as being highly trained and full of bright ideas. Get in touch today to book and you could be feeling warmer in next to no time.

Consider your thermostats

The positioning of your thermostats and whether they’re working properly can make a big difference to your heating system. During a boiler service we’ll look at your thermostats and can suggest changes if necessary. Also you might want to consider upgrading to a smart thermostat system such as Nest or Worcester Wave. These can be controlled from your mobile and will learn to align your lifestyle perfectly with your heating schedule.

Make sure your pipes are insulated

If the weather heads into sub zero territory, you want to avoid frozen pipes at all costs. With frozen pipes come burst pipes and that’s really not what you want on a cold winter’s day. Hot water pipes without insulation will lose heat much more quickly meaning your boiler has to work harder too. Adding pipework lagging or checking that your existing insulation is working effectively is key.

Book a Powerflush

Radiators will be much less sluggish if you regularly give them a good clean out. Gunk gathers in the radiators and pipes but we can help blast this away quickly and cleanly by powerflushing your system. After cleaning out your radiators and pipes we’ll refill your plumbing system with fresh water and a corrosion inhibitor. Powerflushing not only improves the efficiency of your central heating it will also help stabilise your boiler pressure.

If you have an elderly hot water tank, buy it a jacket.

Most modern hot water cylinders come with plenty of insulation, but some older models don’t. Adding a cylinder jacket can significantly reduce heat loss from the tank and help to reduce your winter bills.

Invest in a brand new boiler

Even if your old heating system seems to be working ok, investing in a new boiler can mean that efficiency is improved so much that you’ll quickly recoup the outlay through lower heating bills. Roost Heating can advise on which boiler would suit you best, can supply and install it and make sure it’s all set up exactly as you need – so why not get in touch for a no-obligation quote?