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Tareq's Tips #4

Six handy hints to help keep your house warm through a big chill…

Handy hints to keep your house warm

It’s looking like we’re due to see some big drops in temperature through December and there might even be a touch of the white stuff. If your house isn’t keeping you as snug as a bug in a rug, we’ve got a few ideas here for easy ways to stave off the shivers and optimise your home heating throughout the winter season.

1. Cut out drafts

There are plenty of places around the home which can really let a draft in. Adding an insulation strip around your front door for example can really cut out the cold air, as can fitting a letterbox cover and keyhole cover – all easily available from your local diy shop.

2. Get your radiators working harder

At Roost Heating, we always say that bleeding your radiators regularly is a no brainer because it will help to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible. If your radiators are old then a power flush to clear out sludge build up is also a good idea. A simple diy solution to get your radiators working even harder is to add shiny silver foil behind them so more heat is reflected out into the room. If nothing seems to kickstart them into action and they’re still failing to keep you cosy, just get in touch and we can come up with a solution.

3. Achieve the optimum home temperature 

When the temperature drops, it’s often an automatic reaction to turn up your heating thermostat. It’s the thermostat’s job to maintain a constant temperature whatever the weather so fiddling about with it won’t make you any warmer. Just set it to the desired temperature (20 degrees is the general preference) and then let it work its magic. If your thermostat’s not working properly then perhaps it’s time you opted for something a bit smarter – like a nest* thermostat? Find out more here.

4. Get your boiler checked

A cold house can often be due to a boiler that’s not behaving itself. Strange clunking noises, radiators that are gurgling and not getting hot or never enough hot water can all be signs that your heating system needs an overhaul. Best to book a boiler check which may result in a simple boiler fix – and will certainly mean you can rest assured that your boiler is safe. If you do need a brand new boiler, we can advise you on the best, most economical boiler for you and we can install it too so you’ll be toasty in no time.

5. Consider your soft furnishings

Adding blackout blinds behind your curtains, or incorporating thermal interliners within your curtains can keep drafts around windows at bay and help keep your house that bit warmer. Even with modern double glazing, windows can let heat out. Similarly wooden or tiled floors can be warmed up by adding a woolly rug – or you could consider incorporating an underfloor heating system to really heat things up.

 6. Check out your chimney

If you’ve got an open fireplace that’s purely decorative , or a chimney that you never use, it might be creating a draft or taking heat away from the room. You can buy ‘chimney balloons’ at most diy shops and quickly and easily fill the gap. Obviously not suitable if you’re planning on lighting a fire, but definitely worth investing in if you just rely on your central heating system.

When it comes to home heating, economical and efficient heating solutions and clever ways to save energy, at Roost Heating we’re full of bright ideas. For further information on new boilers, underfloor heating, smart thermostats and more – just get in touch.

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