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How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe on your boiler...

Condensing boilers create water when when they’re working effectively…

They all have a specific pipe (usually white plastic and running from your boiler) which routes this condensed water to your drainage system. Ideally the pipe will run internally so it’s not exposed to the cold, but many run (at least partly) outside which means they are at risk of freezing and affecting your boiler function.

There are some things which will reduce the likelihood of frozen condensate pipes (mainly associated with how your boiler pipework is installed):

• Having a fully insulated condensate pipe.

• Having a minimum 32mm diameter condensate pipe.

• The pipe being as short as possible and with as few bends as possible.

• The pipe ending below a drain cover to prevent wind chill.

If your boiler’s condensate pipe does not look to be installed according to these guidelines then why not get in touch with Roost Heating and we can advise on the best course of action.

With severe wintry weather on the way, if you do have an external condensate pipe there is a chance it could freeze. This would cause your boiler to stop working (often making strange noises or displaying an EA error code) but there is a simple and safe technique that you can try to thaw it out and get your boiler back into action.

This process is only recommended if your boiler’s condensate pipe is easy to access and safe to reach. Just pour a jug or watering can of warm (not boiling) water along the exposed length of the pipe (you may need to do it a couple of times). Alternatively put a hot water bottle or heat pad on the exposed section. Then you can reset your boiler and it should start as normal.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem and your boiler is still not working, there may be a more complex issue. If this is the case, just get in touch with the Roost Heating Team and one of our Gas Safe engineers will get your boiler mended for you.

For more information, here is a handy video about defrosting your condensate pipe, courtesy of the Worcester Bosch technical team: