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Tareq's Tips #2

It’s best to get your heating sorted before the cold weather kicks in.

As the summer transforms into September and the nights start drawing in, it’s a good moment to make sure your heating system is in tip-top working order – all ready for when you really need it. It’s not a problem during the sultry summer months if your hot water is a little tepid or your radiators never seem to heat up but once it gets a bit frosty you’ll be wanting a hot bath and a warm house.

Winter fuel bills can really rack up quickly so ensuring your heating system is running as efficiently as possible will mean that it’s also as economical as possible. If your boiler hasn’t had much attention lately, a service will ensure it’s safe too.

There are some particular things which can indicate that your boiler is on the blink:

– Your water is often not hot enough

– Your fuel bills are going up

– Your boiler is making strange noises

Sound familiar? Why not get in touch to discuss the best course of action or take a look at our current boiler recommendations and prices here.

If there are flow blockages in your heating system caused by scale or sludge then you may hear all sorts of strange clunks coming from your boiler. Whistling or gurgling can indicate trapped air or a blockage. There are some simple troubleshooting techniques to try, or it may be a case of booking a powerflush for your heating system which should get your radiators running more effectively too.

We can check your boiler to ensure it’s working efficiently, resolve boiler function problems or highlight potential issues. If your boiler has reached the end of its working life, we can recommend the best boiler for you and get it up and running in no time. 

At Roost Heating, we offer very competitive rates on boiler installation and are accredited Gas Safe, Worcester Bosch installers. Get in touch to find out about boiler servicing, buying a new boiler, power flushing your heating system or upgrading your radiators.

Once you’ve got your heating system checked, serviced, fixed or upgraded you can enjoy having cosy toes and nice hot showers all winter long. Fancy that? Get in touch with RoostHeating today.

(PS. Now is also a good time to check your Carbon Monoxide alarms. We’d recommend having one in any room with a gas, oil, wood or solid fuel burning appliance in it.)